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Paradox Coaching


Paradox services take a relational approach and is grounded in critical race, anti-racism, and critical discourse theories and whiteness studies. Not only do participants learn to talk about it, participants examine how: racism is embedded in everyday discourse; how it is denied, silenced and reproduced at the micro-level; and, serves to maintain social dominance at the macro-level. This approach includes acknowledging and challenging historic and current power differentials, and an examination of internalized dominance and internalized racism.


All services are informed by research and experience. I will be with you during every step of your learning process to help provide the necessary tools, training and support that lead to transformation. Our coaching and training environments will


  • Be a ‘brave’ space where you can confront your fears and practice talking about race and racism

  • Be a setting where mistakes are not only ok, but are required for change

  • Learn from others who are experiencing similar challenges

  • Accept conflict as a part of the transformation process

  • Be a holding space where we see conflict as a gift to growth and will use it for progress.

Paradox Consulting and Education

Paradox offers one day introductory workshops on racial inequity and intensive three session workshops that address the 1) self, 2) social and racial identity, and 3) social change and include educational and transformation components.

Paradox Group + 1:1 Coaching

Services are designed to transform helping professionals. Through coaching, participants will


  • Successfully navigate the discomfort that accompanies change

  • Break through fear and unleash courage

  • Increase the capacity to learn how to talk and act productively around issues of racism and other forms of social injustice

  • Become proficient in the language of racial and social change

  • Identify and develop internal strengths and create action plans that produce change and ultimately transformation

  • Address racial dynamics, internalized oppression and dominance

Training + Workshops

Paradox Consulting Services

Workshops and trainings ranging from 2 to 4 hours to 1-3 intensive full-day.  

Workshop topics are: transforming conflict, the self, racial and social identity and social change and

depend on training needs.


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