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I am a passionate advocate for social change and justice and am committed to helping social workers and other helping professionals develop and practice the skills that confront the elephant in the room. Doing this work requires courage and conflict, and I am prepared to support you through this process.


I am an adjunct professor for the SocialWork@Simmons online MSW program where I teach The Dynamics of Racism and Oppression. I facilitate full-day continuing education trainings to social service personnel for the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program on racial inequity and working with refugees. I serve as a lay faculty member of the School of the Diaconal Formation and as a co-convener of The Becoming Beloved Community Task Force both in the Diocese of Southern Ohio of The Episcopal Church. Becoming Beloved Community has been brought together to help Episcopal congregations develop ways to heal from racial injustice.


I received my Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Tennessee, a Bachelor of Social Work from Capital University, and hold an Associate of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership from Franklin University. In July 2018 I completed my third year in the PhD program at Antioch University’s Graduate School of Leadership and Change where my academic focus is around the ways racism and resistance are (re)produced and maintained in everyday conversations. I am interested in how coaching can advance social change.



The world is becoming more complex. True to its name, Paradox seeks to “make the familiar strange” – to help us notice the elephant and see it with new eyes...to discover what is 'hidden in plain sight.' We do this by changing what we know and the ways we talk about race and racism through social change coaching, workshops and consulting. Paradox services seek to discover ways to assist helping professionals prepare for that complexity by developing interpersonal resources, learn to utilize fear as an opportunity for exploration, and create opportunities for social change and transformation.   

We help people navigate the discomfort that accompanies change; teach people how to talk and respond productively around issues of racism, whiteness and other forms of social injustice; and, help people identify and develop internal strengths and create action plans that produce change.