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It’s time to confront the elephant in the room. We know there will be fear, discomfort and conflict. We all will need




Whether coaching service providers, teaching college students, facilitating workshops or consulting with organizations, honoring the humanity and dignity in all persons is non-negotiable for me. Invaluable lessons learned from my 13 years as a clinical social worker along with lessons from PhD studies in leadership and change have led me to a deep curiosity about the complexities of racism and a desire to learn how we dismantle it.



The primary goal of Paradox is to create social change. Our services are designed for people who are ready and willing to do the difficult work of self-exploration that leads to positive and lasting change. Our social change services confront the “elephant in the room” by exploring what we think and how we talk about race and racism and its impact. If you are ready to have meaningful and productive conversations around race, ready to learn where you fit into the racial story, and how you can make change that will deepen your professional and personal relationships, Paradox services are for you. 


Practitioners and students will benefit from group and individual services designed particularly for the helping professions: social work, counseling, education, ministry, coaching, and nursing. Paradox offers one day introductory workshops on racial inequity and intensive three session workshops that address the 1) self, 2) social and racial identity, and 3) social change and include educational and transformation components. We also offer customized workshops for groups, agencies and corporations.