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Creating social change for individuals, groups, communities and organizations


The work of social change for me requires two things. First, whether coaching service providers, consulting with organizations, teaching college students, or facilitating workshops, integrity to professional and personal values is critical. At the most basic level, this means that in every interaction, maintaining and honoring the humanity and dignity in all persons is non-negotiable for me. The second is that I see my work of social change through examining dominance and resistance as liberating! For me this sacred work draws in my curiosity and is exciting, hopeful, and inspiring!



The mission of Paradox is to create social change within helping professions, organizations and communities that make individuals, families, communities, and workplaces more humanizing. Through my research, I have come to see that discourse – forms of talk and text – is an intermediary for racism. The four levels of racial oppression that typically receive attention in race studies: individualized/internalized, interpersonal, institutional, and ideological are mediated by discourse. Focusing on discourse and the internal work of racial justice, Paradox concentrates on building capacity, connecting values to practices, and engaging in praxis to create a more just, inclusive, empowered, and peaceful society. Our social change services confront the “elephant in the room” and are designed for people who are ready and willing to do the difficult and rewarding inner work of racial justice.


Practitioners, students, communities and organizations will benefit from group and individual coaching, consulting and training services designed particularly for the helping professions: social workers, counselors, mental and behavioral health providers, teachers, ministry, coaching, community and organizational leaders.